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Hurricane Temporary Housing Rentals

  • When a natural disaster hits hotel rooms and affordable housing will vanish within hours.
  • The result is hundreds or thousands of people will be without shelter from the elements for days, weeks, months, or a year.
  • This site helps you find temporary housing options.
  • Only deal with a professional full-service licensed property management company. You want a pro between you and the unknown property owner or renter. No extra charge – it is included in your rent.

The Steps

1. Call your insurance agent

2. How to apply for FEMA Assistance (find the application here)

3. The FEMA process

4. Our Application Form Here | No extra charge for professional management service | simple & safe

FEMA.gov Link

Red Cross Link


We connect Hurricane Victims with Heros with Housing to Rent on a Temporary Basis

“Q. Will FEMA provide additional rental assistance beyond the initial assistance period if I still cannot return to my home?
 Rental assistance can be provided for up to 18 months from the date of declaration while you are setting up your permanent housing plan. After your initial period of assistance, you will be sent a letter on how to “recertify” if you need additional rental assistance.  – FEMA  (Release date: December 5,
2012 Release Number: NR-076″

Our Process finds your temporary housing options for up to 18 months

(You’re safe | price gouging is never allowed here)

People seeking temporary housing from Harvey with FEMA Approval (Learn More)

People seeking temporary housing without FEMA Approval (Learn More)

Heros with Housing to rent for Harvey Victims (learn more)

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